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In-Person Initial Session

How do I book an Initial session?

When you book your initial session, you will pick an available date and time, fill out a questionnaire about your dog(s), and sign a standard waiver. Once you're done, you will receive a confirmation email within 24hrs containing your a questionnaire, liability/service agreements, and an invoice! All must be completed 24 hrs prior to your appointment to avoid forfeiting your appointment. ​


What can I prepare?

  1.  High valued and rare treats like cut hotdogs,               cheese, chicken, beef 

  2. Favorite Toys (Keep them hidden for now!)

  3. A Matt or Crate (Their special place!)

  4. A leash (To possibly tether your dog!)

  5. Fun energy!!

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Mike & Dobby - 09.JPG
This is where we service! 

What happens in my session?

At your in-person initial session, you and your Pawssociates trainer will come up with a game plan specific to you and your dog(s) needs. We will go through your "Questionnaire" (The one you filled out after you ) Your Pawssociates Trainer will come up with the best training exercises, environmental modifications, and enrichment activities for you and your dog's unique needs. After ya'll chat, Your Pawssociates trainer will start working with you and your dog solidifying the plan and teaching you how to continue this plan while we aren't with you! At any time, you can email or text your Pawssociates trainer for help! We are here for you!

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