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Dog Trainer

Dog Training that works for everyone!

We are a New York City based dog training company that believes that the BEST methods in behavior modification and training are supported by science! That includes positive reinforcement training, and giving your dog autonomy and agency. We create training plans that uphold these characteristics in dog training because it creates the best environment for your dog to learn while making sure that the plan suits you and your dogs specific needs and life style. 


Your trainer is a CDBC and an IAABC-ADT, so you can trust you're getting high quality, evidence-based training for you and your dog

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Fear Free Certified

Your trainer is Fear Free Certified! They have been trained by respected vets and pet experts to properly provide animals with the skills to receive medical treatments and procedures.

LIMA Enforcers

LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) tactics are proven to be the MOST affective and humane in animal training

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